Attractive Lamborghini Huracan Specs

Lamborghini seem never stop to give a surprise. The latest is that Lamborghini launched Huracan. It is a very strong and powerful supercar. What makes people attracted to this new supercar? Lamborghini Huracan is made for you who love a luxurious and high class supercar. This Lamborgini Huracan super sport has an amazing performance. Let’s see the following Lamborghini Huracan specs.

Lamborghini Huracan Specifications

This luxurious supercar has a sporty design. Lamborghini Huracan has four mufflers. Its dimension is 4.459 long x 1.925 wide x 1165 tall (milimeters) and 2.620 milimeters of wheelbase. it is not tall so that it looks unique. However, it helps it to maximize the acceleration. Overall, it has an amazing exterior. moving to the interior, you wil find this car so futuristic and innovative. It can be seen that there is a TFT giant screen about 12.3 inches as the instrumental panel with 3D graphic. It also has an airbag as the safety feature. We can see that Lamborghin Huracan specs are in high

Lamorghini Huracan specs become more attractive because Lamborghini Huracan uses V10 dual injection engine with 5.2 liters capacity. It can generate up to 612 horsepower at 8,250 revolutions per minute. The torque is 560 newton meters at 6,500 revolutions per minute. It is more wonderful with seven speed trasmissions. Lamborghini Huracan has 5,204 cc engine capacity with 326 kilometers per hour maximum speed. It can reach 100 kilometers per hour speed in 3.3 seconds.

Lamborghini Huracan Price

After discussing about Lamborghini Huracan specs, lets see how much it is. With its great specs, Lamborghini Huracan cen be bought for only $ 237,300. It is not expensive for this supercar class. With this Lamborghini Huracan price, this Lamborgini can be a good choice for you who want to buy a Lamborghini.


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