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Aventador Lp700-4 Pirelli: Review

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Aventador lp700-4 Pirelli edition was introduced in the year of 2011, the name of Aventador was being the latest line of Lamborghini which evolve the iconic names, likes: Murcielago, Diablo, Countach, and Miura. This Lamborghini car represented the departure of its previous model, which came with heavy angular design and sharp creases. Both of the design can be found in the model of Estoque and limited edition Reventon. This car is known having the radical style and this car is also powered by the engine V12 with 6.5 liter.


When it comes to the transmission, the Aventador lp700-4 Pirelli edition comes with the semi-auto transmission. Besides that, this Lamborghini car also has output from 670 hp up to 690 hp. The Lamborghini Aventador is known as one of the flagship car from the manufacturer and the car can be known as the greatest collaboration which has ever conducted by the company. The important thing that you should know, this car comes with the special tires from Pirelli and that is way the edition of the car is The Aventador Pirelli Edition.lamborghini aventador lp700-4 pirelli edition for sale

When it comes to interior and exterior, all people known that the manufacturer of Lamborghini often releases the supercars with the unique appearance. This car comes with the iconic colors and the special lines which makes this car so elegant. Besides that, the interior is also great and you will feel convenience when you are driving with this type of car.

The collaboration of Lamborghini and Pirelli has been conducted since 1963, the Aventador lp700-4 Pirelli edition is known as the good way in order to celebrate the cooperation of two major companies. This car comes with the attractive exterior and defining interiors. Besides the exterior and interior, this car also comes with the great drive train which makes this car so appealing.


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