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Having Look on New Lamborghini Models

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New Lamborghini Models has been revealed! Let’s welcome the next families of high class sport car of Lamborghini. Lamborghini has been produced some of the new series of their collection sport car. It still has fierce capability combine with its beautiful body. Lamborghini introduces their new car as Lamborghini Huracán and Lamborghini Aventador.

Look Out the New Lambo

This new Lamborghini models are ready to set the people’s mind about what the car function is. The Lamborghini Huracán is produced to replace the previous successful Lamborghini car, The Gallardo series. Huracán comes from hurricane that is why the main color of this car is light yellow. Huracán tittle is loud, fast and violent. The tag is proper with its appearance and its specification. It is a sport car designed by Filippo Perini. It has two door coupé, mid-engine with all-wheel drive. Its powertrain is 5.2 L V10 with 7-speed transmission dual-clutch automated manual.

The other new Lamborghini model is Lamborghini Aventador. This variant holds the apex of super sports car performance. This car appears after the Miura series. It is tend to better the Miura with its excessive look and valuable specification. Its component uses carbon fiber monocoque with 700hp, 12-cylinder engine and ultra-quick shifting ISR transmission. This makes the car become aggressive and dynamic. It has impressive proportion. This car is designed to be fastest and smoothest car than other. Its title tag is long, low and massive with flamboyant sense. It is powerful car yet lamborghini Gallardo series

So those are the two new Lamborghini models which are being introduced into the world. All of the variants come with personal appearances and individual personalities. Each of the cars has different specification and different design. But all of them are stand in the same line on their speed. All the car has rush in speed and really appropriate to sport car. With Lamborghini as the creator, these car becomes the next wanted car ever in the world. (Also read about: Top Cheapest Lamborghini Car)

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