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A Heaven in Bologna Inside Lamborghini Museum

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What do you imagine if someone told you about Italy? Pizza? Pasta? How about Lamborghini? If you had a chance to come to Italy, do not miss an experience to visiting Lamborghini museum that located in Bolognese, besides central office of Lamborghini. It located in Sant’Agata Bolognese near Modena. For reach this museum, you won’t face some difficulties because its website also provided a direction how to get it. On that site, you can also make a tour reservation. Here are our notes there for your itinerary in the future!

What You Got from The Museum

Early, Lambo was founded in 1963 and it keeps produces until today in the on-site factory. The museum opened in 2001 that being a small practice among a company, Lamborghini test track, it’s apparel store and offices. This museum tells visitors about past, present and future idol brand car. Lamborghini museum location is in Via Modena, 12, 40019, Bologna, Italy and open in Monday until  Friday from 10 am –  12:30 pm and 1:30 pm to 5 pm. Early, there is no need entrance to Lamborghini Museum but nowadays the entrance cost for the tour, it is about €13. It is €10 for museum and €35 for coming to the production line. Children aged 6-10 free, children under 6 forbidden for safety museum seattle

Personal Collection of Lamborghini’s Founder

Just like in your imagination, there is a lot of these idol car display in the whole room. A variant type and color with a shiny polished body in a line beautifully. Here some of their collection :

  • Their first product that the model was built by Ferruccio Lamborghini (company founder) in Italy
  • First production model of the Countach, chassis #00001
  • 25th anniversary Countach
  • Three Lamborghini models with a V8 engine
  • Full-scale model of Diablo Roadster from 1992
  • 1989 Larousse F1 car
  • 1990 Lotus F1 car
  • 1991 LAMBO F1 car

Open Window to Production Line

One of the best parts of the Lamborghini museum is an open window to looking through the factory to see how this idol racing and a luxurious car being made. Although it takes more budget to get this opportunity but looking for some a sophisticated work like that kinda rare chance in life, right?

Two Floor Museum

When you enter the building, you will be on its first floor that looks like a parking area with Lamborghinis from different decades lined up along the walls. Even for not car-person you undoubtedly still feel amazed with these lines. At least you will take lots of pictures there to perpetuate that moment On the second floor of the museum; you will surprise faced with race cars Lamborghini produced during the 1980s to 1990s.

For you that do not have any idea about automotive, it can make sure that you still will feel amazing to feel this sensation being there. Lamborghini Museum offers you a feeling of being in the center of this idol race car world. Hopefully, in the future, this planet not just had one museum in Italy but we will hear about Lamborghini museum Las Vegas, Lamborghini museum Milan and Lamborghini museum UK. Well, see you there soon!

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