Lamborghini Asterion Release Date Based on Reliable and Official Rumors

Posted on – In 2015, SUV market is very crowded with one of the best showcasing from Lamborghini by performing the concept of Asterion as the first experiment for a sophisticated hybrid car. When it is only a concept SUV, immediately Lamborghini stated that although new Lamborghini Asterion might still be just a car concept. The idea and power-train will certainly be used for the car or another type of car that is similar with it. Of course, this makes use more curious about Lamborghini Asterion release date and others.

Lamborghini Asterion Specification Review

Before talking about Lamborghini Asterion release date and others, it’s better for you to see the design that the company gives to the Asterion. Lamborghini Asterion comes with rather attractive looking body appearance with its front end which is longer than usual while he short back is rather short. However, with an engine which is kept to mount seems not to be the pledge for 2019. It is just simple since Lamborghini doesn’t surely have the platform. Instead, our great expectation to the car to acquire a similar appearance to the Huracan or the Aventador after official Lamborghini Asterion release date will be

Based on the origin, ‘Asterion’ is taken from the Greek term for a minotaur knowing as a hybrid of a man and bull. For the concept, it was equipped with a V10 engine that is 5.2 liter and it was paired with a motor generator. This car’s train also included two front motors which are electric and battery pack with medium size. For the output, this system resulted 910 many torque and 910 horsepower.

When it comes to Lamborghini Asterion release date, there are some rumors of Lamborghini Asterion release date that make you confuse. However, the reliable sources stated that the Asterion is not introduced before 2018. For the official sales, it can be expected for summer of 2019


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