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Lamborghini Estoque: 4 Door Lamborghini Sedan Cars with Doubtful Future?

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We do remember clearly about our visitation in Paris motor show back in 2008 where we are served to see various car concepts and design that have been planned by many car manufacturers’ producers to run on business. Within the sedan types stands, people are shocked to see one dashing 4 door Lamborghini car concept named after the title of Estoque.

Back at that time, the Stephan Winkelmann as the chairman who held the high position in Automobile Lamborghini car manufacturer was there glad to explain about that with his marketing and sales managements, but unfortunately this sedan type of Lamborghini was like sink deep with no other further attention. And that makes people begin to curious about follow up of this 4 door estoque interior

The Lamborghini Estoque Production

This 4 door Lamborghini car was cancelled to be produced due to some reasons like this car’s production plan has not met any target on the production planning. Some people are also speculating that this car has failed in some tests, and some people are just too positive to say that the manufacturer was just delayed the production due to the other emergences of some cars like Gallardo and the other new monster of Lamborghini. The other reasons like people stating that the production is not worth to give benefit for company with its two hundred thousand dollar in purchase price of the car is also there to make the things even more grey.

Those problems has made this 4 door Lamborghini car begin to fade and doubted by people that this car will be dragged into some serious production planning. To be honest, actually this car has some good thing behind its hood, since it is packed by the 5.3 liter engine with v10 machinery system.

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