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Lamborghini Horse Power in Aventador is rated in TOP 10 High HP Car Ever

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If you seek for a car that will be able to move like a rocket in speed making the velocity as your friend, then one of a good choice lie on Lamborghini car. one of their latest car series labelend in Aventador version will like to add some speed for its already monstrous Lamborghini horsepower it gets. Stephan Winkelmann as the chairman of the Lamborghini automobile manufacturer is stated that he wish to shave more pounds from the upcoming aventador, creating even light weight proportion to speed up.

Latest and Upcoming Lamborghini Horsepower 2017

When we arrived at the Quail motorsport exhibition and gathering, the chairman of Lamborghini is already starting his speech saying his mind of how if we can get even more HP from a sport car, and it seems like he want to make a superveloce car in his Company’s stash. The Lamborghini horsepower in new Aventador will certainly surpass some other supercars with around 700 HP at ease. So, it will reach about Top 3 supercar with the unbelieveable horsepower 2014

Compared to the other Lamborghini murcielago horse power or Lamborghini diablo, theLamborghini horsepower that the latest aventador car series will have will make those two predecessor’s velocity look like nothing, said the horsepower 2012

By removing the other hundred pounds to get the addition of Lamborghini horsepower, the new aventador is believed to be added by fifty more horse power in prediction. Where it will reach about 750 HP and measured to reach approximately 219 mph at top speed and boasting 0 to 63 miles in couple of second. Well, the question is are you sure you want to ride that kind of car which is able to screech the asphalt on your neighborhood area without being cursed! Also read about: The Iconic 60s Supercar: Lamborghini Miura for Sale

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