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All Lamborghini Models that Still in Production

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When we come to talk about all Lamborghini models or all Lamborghini cars lists entirely, then we do have to start dragging ourselves back in the 1964 when the first series of 350 GT is being produced. If that is too old for you, then you can jump into the Countach version that is being produced from 75s to the 90s era. Or if you want more further to the millennium car style, then we can also start to talk about the Diablo dude that Lamborghini has. This mini-sized car series were stopped in production in 2001, early of millennium era. Well, there are plenty of Lamborghini car series out there we can mention one by one, but isn’t it better if we just talk about list of all Lamborghini models that still being produced by their manufacturer until today. Check them out.

The Lamborghini Huracan Series

All Lamborghini models labeled in the Huracan series are only divulged into three models: the LP 610-4 (standardized), Spyder version, and the Super Trofeo. Those three are still being produced to meet the manufacturer production planning. That car is the newest model which is started on its production back in 2014 up till today. The Coupes and Roadster as the new innovation of this series is now being produced as the V10 and 5.3 liter enginery showed up behind their Lamborghini Huracan Series

The Lamborghini Aventador Series

The all Lamborghini models labeled Aventador is started their production back in 2012 and it seems people still need some models of it to be released. This car has the design of V12 6.6 liter machinery that can reach 350 km/ Lamborghini Limited Edition 2017

Limited Edition series

All Lamborghini models with the name of special models are all highly in price. Like the Veneno roadster that is reported priced in more than 4 million or Asterion that costs more than three million in price. Also read about: Getting Closer to the 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo!

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