Lamborghini Veneno Top Speed

Lamborghini Veneno Top Speed and Price Rumors

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The first time we see a superhero movie that look kind of realistic is only able to be found in Batman movies, since there is no word impossible in the dictionary of technology. Well, we ain’t gonna talk about Batman today, but we just feel kind of exciting because there is one car that is apparently look like a bat mobile that we always fan of. It is the Lambo Veneno. If you can seriously find one more exclusive than this one supercar belongs to Lamborghini (also resemble bat mobile), then you better tell us about Lamborghini Veneno top speed.

The inspection to the Lamborghini Veneno

We did travel to Macau where rumored to be the place where the first final creation of this Veneno car is on, and we found it out to have the opportunity to check some specs and Lamborghini Veneno top speed testing to ascertain ourselves as well as act like a batman riding his bat mobile.

This car making its debut in some places worldwide, make people wonder on how much is a Lamborghini Veneno worth and what kind of specification it gets. It is creating the hubbub among people saying that this car is amazing and pricy reaching four million dollars as well as the rumor of the Lamborghini Veneno top speed that is undefeatable is really hot in the news for supercar veneno top speed test drive

There are many video Lamborghini Veneno being tested and it seems like the rumor of Lamborghini Veneno top speed reaching 225 mph is real. This news already going around for a while showing of the boast of velocity to 100 km/h in couple second. That is why the Lamborghini Veneno top speed is rocking the world up even compared to the powerful Bugatti. Would you buy one? (Also read about: The Lamborghini Suv Price 2015 for the Awesome Journey)

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