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The Best 2016 Lamborghini Huracan

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Huracan LP 610-4 is a produced by Lamborghini company on 2015 till present. It is same with the model of the year. During that time, huracan has been produced as many 1.137 units. Moreover, when the production is still walking, the producer get acquire for about 700. Before the launching is officially announced, this stuff gets more than 1000 errand. 2016 lamborghini huracan has been popular even before it launched.

2016 lamborghini huracan reviews and its features

2016 lamborghini huracan has many features. The design is so unique, pure, looks so exclusive and of course good-looking performance. It comes in order to replace the Gallardo, the one which is one of the most produced for a car and leads the sales of Lamborghini. Huracan is kind of sports car which have excellent quality. This vehicle is full of electronic control and has electric bark rest. In addition, the navigation system of this huracan is optional.2016 lamborghini huracan red

Lamborghini huracan is from Italy. Filippo Perini is the designer of the huracan. This vehicle has a high performance with only two seats. Kind of the engine is 5.2-liter V-10 with seven speed of transmission. The model of this huracan is like the other of Lamborghini design or models. It is one of the innovative package with a good technology. 2016 lamborghini huracan also use virtual cockpit of 12.3 inch TFT. Lamborghini huracan becomes the first vehicle which uses it.

This kind of Lamborghini has top speed more than 325 km/h with 1.422 kg of dry weight. This 2016 lamborghini huracan also has surprising price. It is starting from $237.250. This price tag is so high, but it deserve the cost because the features of the new huracan is not a joke. The producer has thought about it since it is a sport car. (Also read about: Great Lamborghini Veneno Roadster 2016)

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