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Best New Lamborghini Veneno for You!

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You want to spend your money for the best vehicle, then it is best for to buy the excellent car of new Lamborghini Veneno roadster. You see that this kind of the car is optimum in aerodynamic and also the cornering stability. Spend your god money with the best vehicle making you never regret in what you choose to buy for your precious new Lamborghini Veneno as classy vehicle. If you want to know the machine or the engine of the car now so, let’s check its condition below!

Pretty Veneno!

New Lamborghini Veneno Specs has the slim body and also great engine is 750-hp, 6.5liter, 12 cylinders. You see that there will be good price for this pretty and new Lamborghini Veneno that starts from $ 4.4 million. The design of the car is lightweight thus the appearance of the car always fresh and of course classy and stylish. The tops speed of this kind of the car is till 221 Mph. How wonderful!new lamborghini veneno hp

New Lamborghini Veneno 2017 would make your fastest speed of the vehicle this kind of the car making your riding experience become so rare and classy. As you see that this kind of the Lamborghini car like Veneno actually shares the same engine with a kind of the other Lamborghini type like Lamborghini Aventandors.

You see that New Lamborghini Veneno is making the best accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. The most shocking time of the speed accurate for such this kind of the Lamborghini car is. The top speed for this kind of the car ever reached is for about 335km/h. You know the name of the Veneno is actually depicted from the name of the strongest bull fighter called Veneno 1914. This was the bull fighter which is owned by Jose Sanchez Rodriguez in Andalusia Spain. This bull popular in 1914 causes it wounded the other famous bull fighter Torero.

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