Gold Lamborghini Miami: Most Expensive One

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Recently, there is news that informs about the gold lamborghini Miami. Based on the rumor, it is encrusted with the gemstones. Furthermore, that vehicle is offered with higher expensive. The price of that vehicle is started about $7.5 million. It is an interested fact to know and to be a trending topic all around the world. It is because the original Lamborghini is usually offered with higher price. By gold as cover of its outside, it makes the Lamborghini as the most expensive car in the world. Read some information below to know more about that information.

Things to know about gold lamborghini Miami

Truthfully, gold lamborghini Miami is made by the custom on the Lamborghini aventador LP-700. Then, the frame of the car is carved by using about 5oo kg of solid gold. Based on the rumor, it contains over 55 pounds of precious metal. To get the best body display, the gold lamborghini Miami design will be combined with decorative gems. The gems are predicted has value about $2.64 million as what have been reported by

Based on the rumor, the prototype of gold lamborghini Miami will be displayed presently in the Dubai Showroom. By this, the future buyer is allowed to customize with their preferences. Also, the car has to be produced yet although it has been contracted with the manufacturer of engineering. By this, the gold lamborghini Miami information is needed to know further information about this car.
Although the gold lamborghini Miami is not intended for the use in road, it is planned with V12 engine that can produce up to 700 bhp. By this, the driver is allowed to excel from 0 up to the 62 mph only in 2.9 seconds. Besides having powerful engineering, precious gemstones and metal frame, this car is also planned with the bulletproof glass for the protection.



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