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Great Price for Great Super Sport Car, Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4

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Super sport cars are very expensive. However, they are very attractive. One of the most popular super sport cars is Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4. It is the next generation of lamborghini Gallardo. It is predicted to be able to contiue the previous model to be the best super sport car. In the recent years, Lamorghini lead the super sport car market beating the other competitors. So, with this new car, Lamborghini will be more sucess.

Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Review

Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 uses V10 engine. Its capacity is 5,204 cc. The torque is 562 newton meters. The power is very great where it can generate up to 612 horsepower. Its wight is only 1,420 kilograms, so that it can reach 100 kilometers per hour speed in 3.2 seconds. This car also prioritizes the luxuy. The cockpit is designed informatively with all the informations are centralized on, the 12.3 inches screen. Some features also use Alcantara and Nappa leather as the materials that make it more comfortable to drive. The Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 review above shows that it has a good performance and huracán lp 610-4 for sale

Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Price

The performance and appearance of Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 satisfy so many people. the consequency is on the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 price. Even though each area has different price, its price can reach up to $ 770,000. The price can be more or less based on your area. Most of the buyers are millionaire.

So, if you are one on the super sport car lovers, you can consider Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 on your car buy list. By this car you will have one of the most luxurious super sport cars. The cars have been sperad in many country. So, you can buy this car in your country. (Also read about: Lamborghini Countach for Sale as the Best Choice)

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