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Lamborghini SUV Interior Features

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Lamborghini SUV interior comes with some features of the interior design. This vehicle provides a gratify interior design which makes the owner feel comfy. This vehicle has produced in September 2013. It also has a big popularity among sport car lover even the gamers. The popularity of this vehicle can be seen from the existence of Lamborghini SUV appearance in the Gameloft of mobile game. It means that this sport car is really popular.

The concept of Lamborghini SUV interior

Lamborghini SUV interior is like other sport cars that of course has its own concept. One of the concepts for this vehicle that is provided by the company is making it become more lighter. The vehicle becomes lighter for about 100 kg or 220 lb. Those weights are compared with other SUVs in common. The vehicle can become less in weight because of the carbon fiber usage. It functions to make the car become lighter.

In addition, the using of carbon fiber in the Lamborghini SUV interior is almost applied on all the interiors. That is why the carbon fiber success in reducing the weight of the vehicle. Furthermore, even the cabin is also built from the carbon fiber and polymer. The light weight of the material brings make the passengers not only feel comfortable but also suv interior

Other than about the lighter materials used in the interior of the Lamborghini SUV, there are also several interior features that is provided by the company. Lamborghini SUV interior also concern about the design and the features of the interior. Hence, this vehicle offers turns signal, light, and wipers that can be controlled by steering wheel on the behind the screen which has multifunctional function. Then, the driver also can control the other functions of the interior feature by using digital display. (Also read about: New Lamborghini Models Still Give You Luxury Vehicle)

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