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The Excitement of the New Lamborghini Aventador

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The new Lamborghini Aventador is the best choice for ones who want to drive the best sports car. It has great performance combine with sophisticated technology. It has beautiful design with soft lines and light impression. The Aventador is everything of Lamborghini. It gives the luxurious of Lamborghini yet holds the fierce strength like bull. It is powerful and perfect.

The Beautiful One of Aventador

The new Lamborghini Aventador is outstanding with their new machine of 700hp 12-cylinder engine and ultra-quick shifting ISR transmission. It has sharp shape form front until the end of the body’s car. It has an extreme low roofline which makes the car look more marvelous. It has dramatic rear diffuser. Aggressive detailed are available, impressive proportions are exists. Dynamic featured are combined. Balance body forms from the length width and height. All is 4.78 m, 2.26 m, and 1.136 m.

The new Lamborghini Aventador has something that is highly expected, it has two doors open upwards that is made from carbon fiber monocoque. It has air temperature that is managed electronically. It also has efficiency into maximum aerodynamic. It has transparent engine cover that can show the power of the car which is added for option. The dashboard has pure high technology with a contemporary aircraft, all the feature materials are in TFT-LCD screen as the main screen, while the second screen is used for multimedia and navigation lamborghini aventador specsThe Car is obviously amazing, with a full monocoque which the whole occupant element comes from a single physical component. It makes the car become strong and firm, it also has razor-sharp that hold good precision and responses. It has rear aluminum frames. Its torque curve is flat which makes the power flexible. An Independent Shifting Rods or ISR which has been developed makes the dual clutch transmission become lighter and more compact than other manual machine. This is all extraordinary engine adding in the new Lamborghini Aventador provide by the most wonderful fabric car, Lamborghini. (Also read about: Having Look on New Lamborghini Models)

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