The Lamborghini Miura Price Rate Records Showing some Escalations

The two-seater sport car called Lamborghini Miura was begin its production back in 1966 and started its fame for more than decade until its stops within the year 1973 in its production reaching almost five hundred units all over the world. The spec of this car is undoubted showcasing the V12 engine type that can boast from 171 mph to 180 mph when it comes to test the velocity gaining. It has been decades since it stops producing, but the Lamborghini miura price is recorded escalated in some recent years, maybe it is because it is considered as the classical and vintage car that is rare to find nowadays.

The escalation of Lamborghini Miura sale price

The Lamborghini miura price from P400 to P400SV is certainly showing some escalation in price since the 2009. We have put some eyes in some auctions and it seems like some vintage car collectors are starting to put their interest on this car.

The auction boards that we investigate in some countries in Europe and some States in United States back from 2010 showing that the Lamborghini miura price is getting its rate from 8 hundred grand as for the lowest up to one million as the highest miura price new

For the past five years, the Lamborghini miura price is getting risen up from almost two million dollars at its lowest price to the measurement of two point five million dollars for the highest bid. Well, it seems like the saying that the older the stuff is making the price is decreased is not available for the sport car products, so, this super car can be counted as a good investment since the older it gets, the higher the price it valued with. Are you interested in some vintage cars? Why don’t you look for Lamborghini miura for sale? (Also read about: Various Ways to find Lamborghini LM002 for Sale)

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